Wanna be a PRR-Friend?

Our organisation PRR-Consultancy is looking for certified coaches, therapists and psychologists who want to join a close team of experts in the field of stress and burnout. Our revolutionary approach includes peer-to-peer support, sharing the communal network and introducing our registered Burner's Cocktail that ensures clients can start their guided reintegration process extremely quickly with a healthy mind.

We work under a collaborative model that allows you as an independent professional to enjoy the expertise, know-how and sales & marketing of the collective. Our approach is a little rock 'n roll, but delivers effective results in a short period of time. The benefits of these innovative techniques can be used for your own practice under certain conditions.

Would you like to be part of a community that focuses on prevention, recovery and reintegration of burnout, bore out and chronic stress in the workplace? Then be sure to get in touch! We organise a number of webinars each month.

Training days

24/09 & 25/09

17/10 & 18/10

21/10 & 22/10

21/11 & 22/11

28/11 & 29/11